Using a third party comment stack other than Disqus in Alloy


I’m not happy with Disqus for many reasons. I tried to add the comment stack from Stacks4stacks in the partial for the full entry posts. It shows up alright on the page but does not operate. I checked with William from s4s and from that part we did all that was required. Is there a way to add this stack to my blog or are there other comment stacks that could be working with other than disqus?


Morning @Sonja

You should be able to use 3rd-party stacks that base their comments off of the current URL as Disqus does. I don’t know of many comments stacks out there. This could be because many blogs have moved away from comments due to the negative nature of commenters.

That said, you can look on the RapidWeaver Community site for commenting stacks.