Towards Infinity: British food and other specialities


Reisen für Genießer

If you think of Britain, tasty food might be the last you think of - and yet there are secrets, specialities and pleasures of the British Isles that are worth discovering.

If you want to do this on your own, you will search for a long time. Fortunately, there is a travel agent who has already discovered these pearls - and ready to show them to you.


Another brilliant site Jan! I noticed the image in the “Ihre individuelle Planung” section seems to be missing.

Oh, also just noticed these:


Thanks - all images should be available, now :slight_smile: .


A polished site, it looks great on my phone, but a little ‘large’ on my iMac. The imagery is inviting and the design clean and simple.


Thank you very much! We will look how the clients receive the larger display on desktops - the target audience can be older or may have disabilities.


Your travel agent client has missed one of the most iconic places in Wales - St Davids, which also the UK’s smallest city. Added to which the coastline and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park are stunning. Nice website though!


I can only agree as I live in Pembrokeshire with its 300km of beautiful coastline.


Well that makes us neighbours then…