Stack 4 Issues after upgrade

Hi Everyone!

Ive built over 40 sites with Foundry over the past couple of years and working great. a few weeks ago after upgrading to Stacks 4 things started misbehaving.

Heres a short rundown of issues:

  1. Simulate won’t work on the first try. I need to select a different page - then go back to the original page selection in order for it to resolve. This may have happened a few times prior to the upgrade bout not its 100% of the time.

  2. Changes made in edit mode don’t show up most of the time. I need to close simulate (or browser preview)save my project, exit RW and go back in again.

My productivity has really slowed down and so annoying.

Has anyone experienced this and if so HELP!!!



These would be specific to RapidWeaver and Stacks. Foundry doesn’t have any control over the things you’re experiencing problems with unfortunately. You’ll need to speak with Isaiah at YourHead Software and / or Dan at Realmac Software for these.

Yes I had a similar problem with one of my Foundry websites this week and found it quicker to rebuild a site in Source then fuss about who is at fault between the 3 parties. (I retested the website by taking out each stack to see what was causing the problem but gave up after a few hours of that as it made no difference)

@petearpent If you have specific problems you can detail for me and send me a project file I’ll gladly take a look if it relates to the theme or the stacks themselves. The details that @jerry mentioned above though are specifically to do with the app itself, and not something that Foundry has any control over.

I’d be glad to look at your problem though if you post specific details. With vague details though I cannot do much of anything.

Since you mention that you had “a similar problem” to what @jerry mentioned, then it may also be an app issue, which you’d need to address with Realmac or YourHead. Provide some details though and I can help narrow that down for you perhaps when I’m in the office next. :smiley:

In fact I’ll even tag @Isaiah here and see if he has a moment to look at the original post above and let us know if perhaps it is a Stacks issue or a RapidWeaver issue.

Thank you Adam. I should also add that the issue persists in both simulate, any web browser previewing and in rapid weaver preview.

I will be purchasing a new Mac this week and will update you all on how things are on a freshly installed machine.

No need to update me. These aren’t things that would be caused by Foundry. You’ll want to report these bugs to Realmac and / or YourHead. :wink:

Hi @jerry,

If you send your info to me – the project and plugins – i should be able to see this issue too. And if I can see it and understand it, I should be able to fix it.

Here’s what we need to see, and how to share it with us. You can send the links to us on any channel, but is a good place. Thanks,


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