Scroll To Stack Problems


When I drag a Scroll To stack onto my Foundry Rapidweaver page it does not include a visible child stack. Went back to my receipt and downloaded the full foundry dmg and from that reinstalled the Scroll To stack. Still no child stack.

There is a good chance I’m doing something wrong but in the mean time as a temporary solution using the Show Package Contents option within finder I found the child stack called Foundry_Destination.stack. I then made a copy of the stack and then moved it into my stack directory and then opened the Info.plist within that stack and set the field hidden to No.

I also, later, did a search within this forum on the words Scroll To and found a discussion titled New Scroll To Stack? Within that discussion I found a Rapidweaver sample project by elixirgraphics which I downloaded and opened within Rapidweaver. I found a copy of the full stack including the child within the sample project which would allow me to copy and paste within my working project.

Rapidweaver Version 7.4.1 (18708)
Stacks 3.5.0b15
Foundry Theme 1.0.1


As you are using Stacks beta that could be the issue here so may be worth contacting Yourhead via the Yourhead Slack channel. I am currently using the Scroll to Stack and don’t see this behaviour with the latest Foundry and latest release version of Stacks (non beta).


Before you contact YourHead software @dks0035 as @webdeersign suggested, let’s see if we can’t take a look at it here first. Post me a link to where I can download a ZIP file containing your project file that has the problem. This way I can take a look at it first and see what we can suss out instead of tying @isaiah up with this until really necessary.


I’ve always had problems with stacks 3 failing to update within Rapidweaver. Even after a complete reinstall of Rapidweaver I would get the notice that there was a new version of stacks and I’d click to update resulting in a failure. Because of this I would go to the web site after the failure and download the new version.

The other day I got the update popup, which failed to install. I went to the web site and I guess, some how I ended up with a beta version. I don’t do betas! I may have been in the slack channel and downloaded the beta by mistake from there. Live and learn!

I have now gone back to the non beta and everything works properly. This is why I don’t do betas!

Thanks for your help.


@dks0035 – Can you still send me your project file so I can do some testing on it?


Actually @dks0035, don’t worry about sending over a project file. It is indeed a beta bug, as @webdeersign thought. It has been filed by another developer to @isaiah just today. Good catch.