My First Project Using Foundry


##Handel’s Pool Service

Just published my first full site using RW and Foundry. I have to profess that I am not a web designer or developer, I am actually a product manager, who in his twilight years is starting up a marketing business for my retirement. The client bought rebranding, new logo and business cards, yard signs to place during construction jobs, and a rewrite of his Yelp Page, YP Page and Thumbtack profile. He did not have a website before.

I did start with an Elixir Project, Wedding, but then added pages and went off in my own direction. I think it’s a testament to Foundry that I was able to understand and create the site. The client is thrilled.


Good job and best of luck in your new career. I started a web design company after 17 years in construction sales/marketing and haven’t regretted a single moment.


Very nice, I was a teacher for 20 years before venturing into web design by accident!

Keep an eye on the size of the images on websites, some of the images on your site are massive and this all takes time to load. Use an image optimiser like JPEGmini or similar. The image at the bottom of the first page is 4.2Mb and 2448 x 2448 pixels which is way to big for what it is used for.


Thank you for the recommendation of JPEGmini. One of my to-dos is to go back and optimize the photos to get them to a more manageable size.


You might also check out this site. It has great compression for JPG and PNG images.


I definitely will. Thank you for the encouragement and feedback. Though I’m not sure I could do 1/4 of what I can without Foundry, which really deserves the credit.