Mint in the wild

Has anyone used the Mint theme to build a site? I’m considering it for a client and would be interested to see what you’ve been able to do with this theme.



I used Mint for this site…: :slight_smile:
Great theme IMO.

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I know this is the live preview site for Mint, but I feel like it shows it pretty well and was built pretty quickly.

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Thanks. Any more for any more? :sunglasses:

I used to have a site I was running with it, but that client got bought out due to the COVID19 crisis, so they folded their site. It’s a good theme, with good flexibility, and comes supported by one of the best developers in the community.


Thanks. I may have decided to go a slightly different route using Foundry 2.


Also an excellent option.

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Hi Rob, Ruby is pretty good too. We’ve been using it here for several years. Been planning to migrate it to a new Foundry based site but it’s got about 120 pages now (including behind the scenes logins for the campsite owners) and is tied into several SQL databases - so it’s become a bit a daunting. But Ruby continues to serve us well.

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I’m a big fan of Ruby. In fact I used it for my own website -



Nice work Rob. Had a little look around and found your Dave Pegg post. That took me back…

Fairport fan? :sunglasses: The chaps are still going strong.

Oh yes - only saw them live once - back in the late seventies, not long after Sandy Denny died (very sad). Had a chat with Dave Swarbrick after the set - we were both a bit the worse for the beer…