Introducing the Carpenter templates for Foundry πŸ”¨


The Carpenter pack is a set of pre-built templates that can be dragged and dropped from your Stacks library right into your project to help you build complex layouts like Banners, Call to Action sections and page Footers.


The Carpenter Template pack gives you access to 40 pre-constructed, complex layouts by just dragging-and-dropping them onto your page. Change the pre-populated text and images out for your own and instantly those complex layouts come to life.


The various templates included in this pack can be paired with your current content or matched up with other pre-made Carpenter templates to create unique layouts, pages and designs.

Over on the Foundry site we’ve got a look at each of the 40 different templates that are included in the Carpenter pack. Head on over to the Carpenter product page to browser through each screenshot!


Instant purchase :smiley:


Me too :slight_smile: it is really great!


Me three - though I’m mad because I just learned how to do some of this stuff and now I don’t have to j/k :smile:

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Awesome, Adam!

Will be on this first thing tomorrow. Does this replace Mason?



@jacksona – No, Carpenter does not replace Mason. They’re two different products, and each has their own product page on the Foundry site.

Mason Pack:

Carpenter Pack:

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Ditto ( bunch of unneeded characters)

Got this new Carpenter package. Good one! Thank you very much Adam.


Carpenter and Mason templates are great. I am using a Mason footer variation (MOL) for a large site I am completely redoing in Foundry. My only concern is that now my Library shows CTA 01 CTA 01 CTA 02 CTA 02 etc. One each for Carpenter and Mason.

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Search for Carpenter and you’ll get just the Carpenter templates, and vice versa. Or make custom Folders to contain each.


Priceless and so valuable. Adam, you’re star :star_struck:

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