I need to use a Foundry Stack but I don't want to use Foundry!

Hey everyone. First time poster here.

I need this stack for my website!

There is no other stack (that I know of) that can do this specific thing: take invisible content and make it appear when relevant keywords are typed in.

Foundry looks tempting but I just can’t take that plunge right now. (as in, I can’t spent $160ish right)

Any ideas? Would this stack work without Foundry?

Thanks all!

Seek uses the framework to lighten the load and ties everything together. They’re addons for Foundry specifically to work together. Sorry.


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thanks! my search continues :slight_smile:

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Give Foundry a go. Might find it’s got a lot of other stuff to like, too. :wink:

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I’ve spent weeks working on a website— not a good time to jump ship. Foundry looks very cool though!

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