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I’m guessing you didn’t have a look at Chroma.

Here is a a Foundry Nav bar doing what I believe you want to do - and click on the Foundry Example and Logo Size Change


Thanks @webdeersign - I initially looked at the first link but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Your detailed breadcrumbs the second time did it. VERY NICE! This looks promising. I’ll follow up later if we are able to implement this and send a link so that you can see how it looks. Thanks for persevering.


ok, obviously I failed to explain what I mean with the VW example.
I was aiming at aligning a logo to the navigation text SIDE BY SIDE (like in the nav bar stack) – not logo + navigation BELOW (like in your screenshots)

my screenshot shows a logo of 200px height.

I would love to see the nav bar stack getting modified so that it would allow me to:

  1. use logos that are much taller than 80px
  2. fine-tune the alignment of logo and navigation text. differently than “vertically centered”

in this example, the word „volkswagen“ needs to be aligned to the navigation text (home, something, everything etc.)
currently I am forced to build a more or less complex layout to achieve a well-balanced look on all devices.
It would be great if I could use an enhanced version of the build in nav bar stack! :smiley:


@papart – Yeah, I did not get that from your original description. Sorry.

What you’re doing there in your example is a much better solution than cramming those features into the navigation stack, believe it or not. You’re using the modular stacks in Foundry to create a complex layout, which is something I love!

Here’s an example of this modular system – there is a Margins stack in Foundry. This stack serves a very specific purpose – provide responsive margins and padding that can be set at each of the three breakpoints. With this stack in Foundry it means that you can use those features with all of the other Foundry stacks. Each stack does not need to have those margins and paddings settings built-in to them. This helps to keep down bloat of the software, as well as allows you more flexibility over how your pages, and project as a whole, are designed. This modular experience is something I strive for in Foundry.

Using this modular setup you’ve built a more complex navigation that you can tweak for each breakpoint and then reuse throughout your project with Partials.


my english isn´t good enough to nail down in written words what I actually want to express. Therefore “sorry” belongs to my side, I guess :innocent:

anyway - just in case you are bored one day and you don´t know how to spend your time - please increase the max height of the nav bar stack a little bit…

as an absolute outsider to the work of a stack developer I imagine that you just have to paste “150px for god´s sake” into some kind of cryptic code document and hit “command+s” to make us happy … :kissing_closed_eyes:
I am sure it´s exactly like this, isn´t it? :stuck_out_tongue:


@webdeersign - Well I tried to see how it might work with our logo, but I can’t seem to get beyond an 80 px high logo and while the animation is awesome, I haven’t figured a way to get the logo to appear larger. It’s practically unreadable. This little tiny logo moves up into the corner, but no size differential. Am I missing something?

Any suggestions?


See my reply in your other post. PS if your logo is almost unreadable at 80px high then doesn’t sound like a suitable logo for a nav bar to me. Maybe it’s time to create a new version of the logo that does work when it is 80px high.


That is exactly what can scare off (new/potential) clients when the first thing the designer comes up with, is suggesting to tweak or even redesign their logo.
from my experience, a lot of clients are keen on the original logo they have (maybe for ages), no matter how bad it is actually. :wink:
to clients it might sound like the designer is trying to generate some extra money with additional logo-work.


From my experience, every single client is proud of their logo and initially unwilling to adapt the logo to fit the requirement. This isn’t a Foundry or RapidWeaver thing, it is a fundamental of good web design thing.

Mobiles have a very limited area to use and if a client wants to fill that space with a huge logo within a navigation bar then someone has made big mistake.

If the client wants to see a big logo then IMHO show them one but don’t put that huge logo in the navigation area. Makes no sense.


I never desired to have a 200px logo in the nav bar on mobile!


@papart – I don’t think anyone was insinuating that you wanted a 200 px logo at the mobile breakpoint. I believe @webdeersign was saying that he doesn’t think a large logo belongs in a navigation area, but instead it would be better suited to you, your client and the site visitors if it were placed somewhere besides in the actual navigation bar stack itself.


I think we’ve probably come to a good jumping off point for this thread, so I’m going to go ahead and close it. I will look at the Navigation Bar’s height min and max values for a future update though.