Cinema stack and navigation


When using the banner stack it is possible to pair the navigation with the banner and put it on the bottom.
Is it possible to do the same when using the Cinema stack as banner?


Hi there @Ljiubicevac_67 and welcome to the forum!

Good question! Yes, the Cinema stack comes equipped with the needed code to allow the navigation bar to be paired to it just like with the Banner stack.


Thanks! And thanks for the quick answer. I have tried with mega menu and I can not get it to work, I choose to pair with banner and the down arrow but the menu is still on the top. I have one more question. I like the Motion stack a lot. I would like to use it like a banner with Ken Burns effect. Can I have the menu on the bottom with Motion stack also?


If you’d like to send along your project file I would be happy to take a quick look. Perhaps I can spot something that has gone wrong.

As for Motion – that stack also includes the proper markup to allow pairing with navigation.

Do note I leave the office in about 15 minutes or so. If you can get it to me soon I can look at it today, otherwise I will have to take a look the next time I’m in the office.


Hi. I found out what I did wrong. The placement of the navigations stack was outside the Cinema stack.
I moved it inside and now it works :slight_smile:
I just bought the Foundry and I love it, I hav for a long time used your templates witch are great but with foundry I have mor freedom to make my own layouts. I am working on a site: https//
If you hav time please have a look and let me now what you think :slight_smile:


That was going to be my guess as to what was wrong, but I wanted to take a look before suggesting it. Glad you sussed it out! Earning your detective’s cap today! :mag:

Aww, thanks for the kind words! Glad you’re enjoying the framework!