Cinema not on iPhone

Hi, I’ve a Cinema Stack on this site It can be seen on all platforms except on an iPhone. Any ideas why?

I’m going to guess you’re on iOS 13, correct?

If so I suspect that Apple has disabled auto playing backgrounds. I think I have an idea on how to trick it though using a video tag attribute. I’ll try and get it in the next update for Thunder Pack.

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Exactly! I’ve asked the user, because I don’t have an iPhone (only iPad there it runs).
Thanks for the reply.

Another point - I see that the resolution on Apple devices is worse than on Windows/Android? I deleted the files, tried various setups but no improvement. Any hints on that?

You have to take that up with Apple. The stack just serves up the file, the device is what handles its playback.

It seems that I did something wrong with the conversion. Because my private page shows the Video on all devices at a good quality, The ohter one is not ggod