Foundry v2.2.0 is here!

That works. Thanks @elixirgraphics :slight_smile:

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Not a problem. A lot of people make custom folders, but unfortunately they don’t update. I tend to just do the search in the main library when I’m working. You can now add the Equalize stack to your custom folder though if that is how you like to work.

I’ve had to create these custom folders dedicated to Foundry @elixirgraphics because I have far too many ‘legacy’ stacks on my computer which I 'm not entirely sure how to delete ?? Lots of Joe Workman stacks for example which I no longer need. If there is a easy/simple way to retire these none Foundry stacks then I’m ‘all ears’ :slight_smile:

You can delete any stack in your library. Right click on a stack and choose Uninstall. Or you can right click and then you can also choose “Show In Finder” which will take you to your Stacks library folder. Delete any stacks you don’t want.

@Rob Just released Carpenter today finally!

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