Where are you based?


From Moscow with love, Russia :slight_smile:


Main office in Stuttgart (Germany), partner in Kosovo.


Wow, you all are spread out over the entire globe! Keep these coming! It is awesome to see where everyone hails from.


I live in Lasne in Belgium. It is 21km from Brussels the capital.


Iā€™m from Randers, Denmark :denmark: -
I have used RW since 2014 (RW 5.1) and before RW I used Macromedia Dreaweaver MX since 2003 (became later Adobe Dreaweaver). Dreamweaver was WYSIWYG editor (you have to code in HTML/CSS/PHP, but you see what you get in another window beside code window
RW made work easier but Iā€™m thankful to my start with direct coding - makes solving and changing a bit easier.


Iā€™m based in Bremen, a city in the north of Germany.


Caracas, Venezuela :venezuela:


Recently relocated from Seattle WA to Austin TX.


I am in Izmir, Turkey


I moved from Bellingham, WA. to Bend, Oregon; Austin, TX was our next choice.


I work in Montenegro but live in Milford Haven, Wales


Iā€™m from the capital region of Finland


Ah Bend. I have a love/hate relationship with Bend. We got stranded during a major mud-slide in November 2006 at a camp on the Santiam Pass (Hwy 20) just outside of Sisters while on tour. Took 3 days for Dept. of Transportation to get us out. We lived on apples, hot chocolate and old beef jerky.

No mudslides in Austin / or snow. :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:


Southeast Coast of the US. Durham, North Carolina


Rheinberg / Germany near Duisburg


Essex in the United Kingdom


Just moved to Seattle, WA. Really cool to see just how far the Rapidweaver & Foundry communities go in terms of global coverage :slight_smile:


Iā€™m in Strasbourg, France :slight_smile:


Nevada City, California


Hove, which is part of Brighton and Hove in the UK. Same city as RealMac itself.