Where are you based?


Hi everyone
Just curious. When I read, this and other RW related forums, I get the impression there are Weavers all over the world. How far does the great software reach? Where are you based?

I’m based in Oxfordshire in the UK.

Thanks, Mark


Across the pond from you here @MrB, located in Florida, US here myself.


I’m in Bend, Oregon USA


Germany, near Brunswick (Braunschweig) and Hannover:


I’m in the US - up in Maine.


San Francisco, West Coast U.S.


I’m starting to feel outnumbered!! Anyone else in the UK?


I am from Belgium but I live in Málaga (Spain), however I move soon to Costa Rica :slightly_smiling_face:


The Netherlands :netherlands:
Eastern part a town called Enschede.


City of Llandaff, Wales


I’m based in Wiltshire in the UK so not far from you Mark.


Alberta, Canada here.


Southern Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada in the summer

Southern USA in the winter



East coast of Australia About 100km north of Sydney.

Thursday temperature predicted to be 40 (that’s Celsius)


Just north of Wellington, New Zealand.


I’m from Brighton in the UK.


Los Angeles, California


I am from Bordeaux, France


Germany, Bingen am Rhein


I live in Paris, France.