Websites updated in Foundry


##Luxury Cottage in Pembrokeshire

I updated a cottage holiday home website in Foundry. Took a few hours but I think it was worth it.


Oooops…forgot to put in the web address before I pressed the button - here it is:


Looks good!
May I ask what contact form and map stack you did use? :slight_smile:
Or did those features came with Foundry?
I do not have Foundry yet, so I am extra curious and collect info


Great site and good to see so many Welsh Foundry sites.


Well it’s enough for me to seek out this place next time I’m in Wales (hopefully again one day).


Hi @TapioMichael I used the Doobox contact form and just used a html stack with an embedded code from Google maps. I have so many stacks and thats the great thing about Foundry in that you can use them as well. I can only say after about 7-8 years with Rapidweaver, this is the best way I can see of making websites giving so much flexibility with a very small learning curve. I am remaking as many of my websites as I can in Foundry.


I rented the cottage for 2 years but make a lot more money having it as a holiday home. Its a nice part of the world, come and visit.


Thank you for your kind reply. That’s good to know! Got Doobox and Formloom3 stacks. I better check out HTML stack then.


I missed out the word ‘they’ in the first sentence :slight_smile: I do not own the place.