Use HTTPS on all content (images, CSS, JS, etc)

I just noticed that when I published a page that contains an image stack, although the website is using HTTPS (forced HTPS throughout), the code that gets published uses http for images etc; rather than what I’d like which is Same applies to any file refs like CSS and JS files. To avoid all browsers giving a ‘this site uses non-secure content’ type messages back to the user, all content needs to be served from https not http.

Is there a way of forcing this within the image stacks and throughout (inc css and js file refs)?



Hi there @martinkoss – Have you configured your web address and other URLs in your settings and publishing to use https instead of http? Foundry doesn’t hardcode any URLs into its code. It loads libraries like jQuery, font awesome, etc from Stacks’ API and I believe Stacks uses your own settings to determine which to use. If you’d like to send me your project file I can look at it real quick for a possible problem on your end.

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I have the website URL in the ‘general’ settings for the project and it starts with https.
That is the only place to put the URL isn’t it?

How about your publishing settings? As I said, if you want to send your project over I’ll take a look, but I don’t suspect that Foundry is the problem in this case.

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Look at this thread on the RW forums. It has some good advice on this subject.

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Seems like all is good now. Republished and got my padlock next the site name in the browser.

What did you change that made a difference?

Added the correct URL in the settings and published via the the FTP details in publish settings. Clearly I had done something wrong previously but I can’t recall what, exactly.

The publishing settings definitely matter. Glad you got it sorted out.