Total CMS and Foundry

Happy New Year All!

I’m wondering if anyone has first hand experience using Joe Workman Total CMS Solution with Foundry. Looking for some feedback - or other CMS options.

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Hi John,
I do support with Joe Workman and I can tell you Total CMS works brilliantly with Foundry, you can see an example of it working here [links removed]


Some good choices for CMSes that work well with Foundry are Armadillo or Pulse.

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Hi zeebe,

Thats is what is showing when I go to your example pages.


Works for me without issue:

Solved, as soon I configured my network settings to use the Google DNS


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Thanks, Zeebe. I appreciate the quick helpful reply.
Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

Have been out of the office for a couple of days and just now coming back online.


Actually there was a problem, OpenDNS and I have figured it out and it is working now. Thanks for the heads up.

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No problem, hope you did something fun for those couple of days! :smiley:

@zeebe, Hi Robert good to know. Thanks

Tried that link and it takes me to a different site each time.
Hmmm, I there still an active site using Total CMS and Foundry?
Would love to see another option.

Those links seem to go no place good any longer. I was prompted to install a version of Flash that looked to be spammy. I’m going to go ahead and remove them and close this thread.

@Mr.Tapstone — go ahead and create a new thread if you’re interested in getting people to post examples though.