The Nav Bar Pro and Banner

Why does Nav Bar Pro state 1 + sticker state no longer work as soon as you choose the Hero Banner in Banner Stack? Did I check something wrong? A bug?

You’ve not placed your navigation inside the Banner stack. This is essential, as that is how the navigation knows how to pair itself with the Banner. That is why the setting is called “Pair with Parent Banner.” The parent part refers to the navigation being a child of the banner, or inside the banner.

Thank you very much Adam! And “bravo” for your hard work on version 2!


Not a problem. Glad you got it all sorted out. Looking great by the way! :+1:

Thanks for the kind words.

Last question: how can I change the font of the zone 2 ?

The answer to that is dependent on what is being used in Zone 2. Since the content for each zone is interchangeable we have to look at the individual items’ settings for the styling. Something like the Site Title for instance has its font setting in the Branding section of the settings.

In Zone 2 for your navigation it looks like you’re using the Navigation Items. Navigation Items don’t have a font setting. It inherits your page’s Base Font setting found in the Foundry Control Center stack.

What a pity. I would love to be able to choose the family font … thank you for the details …

I’ll add this to the feature request list.