Tabs and Accordion not working


I tried to configure ‘Tabs’ (the horizontal one) and ‘Accordion’ but I can’t get them to work, whatever I try…
The latest Foundry ( and Rapidweaver (8.1.6) versions are installed.
Has anyone else also experienced this? Tried really everything, don’t know what’s wrong.

F/Y/I ‘Vertical Tabs’ (Thunder Pack) does work perfectly.


Have you checked to ensure you’ve selected the Foundry theme for your project?


Yes, I did, just tried it again now to make sure, but same situation


Please send me a ZIP file containing your project file and I can have a quick look at it.


WOOOWW… sorry, you said ‘Theme’ !!! that triggered me… and you’re right.
Completely forgot about that, in this project it’s a migration of both Foundation and Foundry in one website… Sorry again!
Feel so stupid now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
THANKS a lot!


No problem. When you see the same thing many times it gets second nature to be able to pick those small problems out. Glad to help.


Million thanks for the swift respons, this thing took me a while
next time I’ll come over here sooner :wink:


Not a problem at all. :raised_hands: