Sort Stack Limitation

Hi there,

is there any limitation how many sortable items you can use, before it gets dead slow?


I’ve not done such a test on the Sort stack. If you do so you’ll have to let us all know. The limitation ends up coming from Stacks itself as it is what renders all of the content in Edit Mode.

I’m up to 16 stacks so far and all load very fast. Just keep an eye out for the size of the supporting images I would say.

I’m at 30,

And it’s very fast as well, but I want to do a, let’s say library, with all my Stacks I have. I got lot’s.
It’s kind of a private project for me to keep me busy.
But before I waste time, I thought , better to ask the forum. Maybe someone knew.
Sort is maybe a perfect solution for this kind of project. I guess.
So I start it and we’ll see :crazy_face:



I’ll keep you informed