Social badges opening in a new browser window

Hi, Im using the Lunar theme and have incorporated the included social badges in my banners. How do I have them open in a new browser window? Do I need extra code to do this that I would add in the page sidebar? If so could you help me with that? or is there a setting I’m overlooking.
Thank you in advance. Much appreciated.

Morning @LCharak

The social badges for the theme are not setup to open in a separate window or tab. There’s no magic code to add to the page to do that unfortunately. The badges would have to be hard coded to open in a new window, which would mean modifying the theme’s internal components. The problem with doing that however is that when the theme gets update in the future those internal changes will be overwritten.

Thanks for your zippy reply. I hear your dilemma with that. Unfortunately I don’t want potential clients on my site to go to Facebook or elsewhere and not come back - you know easily distracted people can get (bright and shiny). I’ll figure out another solution. Sad since I love how they animate.
Thanks again,