Slide Navigation: feature request


@elixirgraphics : I know you are busy putting together some new Foundry goodies. This request is for possible consideration after you are done with the new update.

I really enjoy the Slide Navigation stack. One of the ways it is different, however, is that it will allow one to choose a parent page and a subpage. The other 2 nav options won’t allow you to choose a parent page when there are subpages.

Might it be possible to add an option to Slide Navigation in the future where the user can choose the Parent pages not to be an active link? This would be akin to what we can currently do with the Breadcrumb stack.

Many thanks for your consideration.


The Slide Navigation stack is built around a 3rd-party javascript library. While I don’t believe that it contains a feature for doing what you’re looking for, it is conceivable that it could be done, but I wouldn’t know until dig around in it.


Understood. Worth a look when you have time.

Excited about new goodies arriving sometime in the near-ish future.