Several Foundry questions with a FormSnap site



I have several questions as I convert one of my site over to foundry.

  1. If it possible to remove the base margin in the column stack? Can not find the check box. See here:

  2. Radio Button FromSnap stack the buttons do not line up. See here:
    I if deselect “List Horizontal” the selection targets go away. See here:

  3. The Alert Stack hides all the content in Edit mode. It works fine if I move the stack our of the Form Stack base. See here :

  4. Finally, is it possible to do an alert modal dialog box with OK and Cancel buttons that display automatically on page load?




I solved #2 and discovered that I had “DO Not Style” checked. Uncheck and all wrks as expected!



For #1 you just set the margins to 0:


Oh perfect. Thanks so much! I figure it had to be easy and right in front of me!!



:ballot_box_with_check: (1) Answered by @Fuellemann.

:ballot_box_with_check: (2) Answered by @garageshop. Hey wait, you cheated, you answered your own question!

:ballot_box_with_check: (3) Likely this is some CSS within that 3rd-party stack that is interacting with the Alert stack and making it not visible. Is it visible in Preview Mode? When Published? If you wish to email me a few things I can look at it further, but I think this one just comes down to the stack you’re placing it into has some similar code that is hiding it in Edit Mode.

:ballot_box_with_check: (4) No, that isn’t an option of the Modal stack.


Thanks Adam,

Yeah, the Alert stack works just fine in preview and published. I just have it placed in the middle of a long registration form to I have to drag to the top or bottom to be able to access it to edit the content. Indeed, for a while I could not figure out how it works since I originally used it for the first time in the massif of this long FromSnap form.

Would love to see a Foundry Alert Dialog by the way, owl be a great addition for doing TOS pop-ups etc.



Like I said, if you want to email me a few things I can look at it. It is likely something that would need to be addressed in FormSnap though I think.

Not something really on the radar right now. That is something that would more niche.