Recommended On-Line Booking Option For Foundry Framework

Hi All, I’m building a website for someone who is launching a cat hotel. The client requires an on-line booking/scheduling service, preferably in the cloud. The nearest thing to what she is looking for is ‘Shedul’ with its client management, mobile app, activity dashboard, reminder email, booking and scheduling features. The only problem with this service is for the salon and spa industries only !!

Can anyone recommend/or has any experience in setting up a similar on-line bookings and if so what would you recommend we use ?? Looking for something with easy integration with Rapidweaver wbsites.

Before you all tell me about Yuzools booking stack, unfortunately we’re looking for something with a bit more functionality. My client is also working on a mac so integration into her ical calendar would be advantageous. Kind Regards | Justin

There are no native Rapidweaver booking solutions apart from the Booking stack you mention and that is pretty useless (I have it). The best place I found for my needs was as they have lots of generic and specialised booking solutions that work really well. You just install them as per the instructions and add a bit of HTML into a HTML stack and you are away. The best bit is you only pay once! They can also alter one at a cost of course.

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From a client’s perspective, it’s hard to compete against a booking platform with a great dashboard and appointment reminders, etc…

We’ve used for a site that books trip/tours. Another site, we used Calendly to set up bookings, Vagaro at one time for a hair salon and we’re talking to these guys about joining their partner program.


Thanks for the ‘heads up’ jspencer. Were you able to modify the booking solution that you ended up going with to suit the business that you were supporting ? Also, you mentioned integration with Rapidweaver being a case of just dropping in a .html stack into the page - I take it you just created a link or button that then took the user to this feature ?

I like the look of Shore. Thank you dropgates. Not one of the cheapest solutions out there on the market at $39 per month but it does claim to support businesses beyond that of the cosmetics and beauty sector which is encouraging. What I need to do now is to figure out whether or not Shore booking can supply me with some .html or a snippet to connect my website to this service.

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I’ve only used basic functionality for meeting bookings but Calendly seems to be pretty good, to support a reference given by dropgates above. Sounds like you’re all over it.

For event management functionality (not quite in your question’s scope but worthy of a mention), if anyone’s looking, I can recommend Humanitix. Fully featured event functionality and the added bonus that, as a not for profit, they donate their ticket booking fee profits to a choice of educational and society benefitting charities you get to pick from. Exceptionally easy to fully integrate to a rapidweaver/foundry site with HTML snippets

I used it for a meeting bookings page for a school and it is on a private page so cannot send you a link. It was very simple to install and generates html code that you inset into a html stack.

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