Projects for Foundry


Am just wondering if there are any new ‘projects’ in the pipeline. Suppose I am asking @egomade and @webdeersign. But if there is anyone else looking to put anything forward?? I would like to say both these developers have helped me to learn the ins and out of Foundry (which I am loving, and using 100% going forward!!)
Thank you to all…


I’m with you on this one and I am looking forward to their latest creations:)


Yes I am working on one now actually and I’m aiming to have it ready in a week or so. I have been pretty tied up with making existing customer web sites GDPR compliant which turned out to be far more time consuming than it should have been. It will of course be a Foundry project. When it’s real I will post here first.


sounds promising! would love to see project files with TCMS blog integration, those are very rare.
I am not very experienced with TCMS blogs, but I would definitely love to have a blog within a foundry project.


AWESOME ! Can’t wait to see what you churn out. I really appreciate all of your efforts for this RW Community:)