New Pre-Built Project: AIM


Hi guys, I’m happy to announce the release of my newest @elixirgraphics #foundry project “AIM”


AIM is a clean and modern Foundry project file that contains a variety of pre-made pages. This Foundry project file comes with 7 pages ready to use. Easily rearrange sections and elements and style them in the way that suits your needs.

Hope you guys like it.



Great job - and I see you have used the Potion Pack like Angles etc. Perfect!


Yes @Fuellemann I’ve used several new Potion Pack stacks in this project:
Really fun to use! Adam did a great job with these beauties :slight_smile:


Form Pro
Hover Image


Great Foundry project as always, did not expect less from Vitor :+1:


@vmcosta Nicely done!

I particularly like how you used the Shift stack on the home page, plus how you used the Overlap with bold blue borders. Nice design ideas. Many thanks.


This project file looks great! Another really nice design. Speaking of Shift, and @vmcosta’s use of it here – I’m working with @vmcosta to sort a corner case bug out in Sift, but it might be a little while before I can get back to it due to lack of electricity.


Just as info: you use the same preview screenshot for CHEF on your site as for AIM:


That’s strange @Fuellemann I don’t see it, anyone else seeing this?


Looks fine to me.


Looks OK to me but you have 2 errors on that page so might be worth fixing those incase they are causing an issue.


Thanks guys, will check it out.
@Fuellemann It maybe is something related to your browser cache.


Yes, it was, sorry. Looks fine now!


Bit slow on the uptake here. That’s a really nice project theme, @egomade. I’m new to this Foundry stuff so it’s great to see examples of what can be done with the framework.

I particularly like the icons on the Contact Form.



Hello @Rob great to have you here with us, thanks.


@egomade is creating some pretty splendid project files for Foundry users! Some beautiful stuff!

Those come as an option of the Form Pro stack in the Potion Pack, so you can insert just about any of the Font Awesome icons in those locations.


It’s little touches like that I really like. I’ve not seen it elsewhere.


Welcome to Foundry World. Those little touches are all over the place and make a big difference.