Nav Bar Pro: Customise background-color of one item?

I’m using Nav Bar Pro. I’d like to change the background colour of one of my Nav Bar items.

I have two Nav Items in Zone two, the second one named ‘Donate’. I’d like this to be more prominent, by giving it a unique background colour in the shape of a button/pill.

I’m hopeless with CSS. Could someone please help me with how to do this? Many thanks in advance.

Bumping this in case anyone has any suggestions? This relatively small issue is causing me to have to look at other solutions, that aren’t working very well…

Can you post a link to a test page? It’s much easier to give you working CSS code with one.

It is interesting that this is not already an a option in Nav Bar Pro. While there is a way to set the background for Active and Hover, there is not a way to set the background color when navigation item is Inactive.

It’s a bit kludgy, but you could try and make it stand out in other ways?

For example if the rest of the menu items are Sentence case, you could make DONATE all upper case and add an appropriate Font Awesome icon before and/or after it, like so:

<i class="fa fa-money" aria-hidden="true"></i>&nbspDONATE