Nav Bar issue in Foundry


I think I’ve probably done something stupid but my Nav Bar in Foundry has stopped looking as it should - help!

It’s looking like this:

when it should look like this from an old version of the RW file

In desperation I’ve tried using Mega Menu to manually make a menu and it’s still not displaying right.
I’ve obviously got a setting wrong or a conflict but can’t figure out what’s going on.

Can anybody help ?


Is there a link that we can look at by chance?


Hi Steve - thanks for responding

It’s here:

and it’s been fine until today when I started making some changes to the site and the nav menu stopped working - ironically it’s fine on the home page


What were the changes you made between the time it was working fine and when it stopped appearing as it should?

Also, on what page are you seeing this layout:

When I visit your site I do not see that on any page.


Neither do I see the issue.


I’m not sure exactly because I was trying lots of different things - nav bar above and below the banner, inside or outside a container stack.

Maybe I just need to replace the page with the previous saved version which worked and go from there.

I may at some point have tried a Freestack stack - as the site was originally made with Freestack and I am migrating it to Foundry, although the blog is done in Poster stack which I prefer to Alloy.

Something just seemed to stop the Nav Menu working properly and I could not seem to revert it.

These things always seem to happen when you’ve got a lot of updates or work to do.


Did you make the Megamenu a Partial? Just curious. That is a good practice for that menu because it does not use the wild card values of Rapidweaver to get the nav items.


I’d say revert to what worked, and go from there. If you run into something specific that throws things out of whack again, let me know.


Yep - good plan. I’ll do that and post later. I was just experimenting with the mega menu so didn’t make it a partial. Id it good practice to make the regular Nav Menu a partial as well do you think ?


Just a thought,
when other people see your site working well, might be worth to check ->

  • Is it a browser cache that causes a headache? (Empty cache, use incognito/private)
  • Is it re-publishing issue? (Use FTP-client to remove old project files from the server before republishing project)


Perhaps your viewport is at the brink between two sizes (desktop and mobile) - what happens when you resize your browser window?