Nav Bar Help - Parent link not working when child page added


Hi. In the middle of my first project and loving Foundry.

Been stuck on a Nav Bar issue - when I create a child page and click on the Parent link in the Nav bar it does nothing but show the link to the child page and if I click on that it takes me to the child page but I don’t seem to be able to get to the Parent page.

If I remove the child page the parent page opens happily.

I need to be able to click through to both the parent page and the child from the Nav Bar.

What am I missing?



I’m pretty sure that the Navigation bar has been designed this way, so that top level menu items with sub menus aren’t clickable.

Check out the Resonances top menu here - - this was built in Foundry and has the same behaviour.



Thanks Rob. Looks like you’re on the money.

Wonder what the thinking is behind that.


The parent item becomes a toggle for the drop down to help ensure a greater compatibility on mobile devices. Since the navigation is one of the most important things on the site I wanted to ensure it worked across many mobile devices – even older ones.

This might change in the future through different user options or settings as we move further from those older mobile browsers.