Multiple Blog on One Site

I understand that each blog needs to be on its own page.

How do I go about adding a “Recent Blog Post Stack” or “Category Stack” to the HOME page for each of the three separate blogs that I’m using? I’m trying to link / connect the HOME page to the blog entries of the three blogs.

You can only use one blog’s posts in the recent posts stack. The info is pulled in via the Alloy stack you have to put on the page (only one of these per page!) and that points to the Posts folder.

We have multiple blogs; we can use multiple Recent Posts Stack on the same page (for example one for each blog) but we can only use one Category Stack per page. Correct?

You can only use one blog’s Recent Posts stack per page. Same goes for Categories. The Recent Posts and Categories stacks don’t load the data, the Alloy stack does that. Like I said above you can only have one Alloy Control Center stack per page, and that stack is what determines which blog’s content gets loaded on that page.

One blog on a site is easy. Two makes things more complex. Three you’re making it even more complex. You’re going to be happy clines to want to mix content but that is not how it is designed to work.

I understand what you are say. The reason for the multiple blogs is, it’s away to organize content beyond categories. Are Tags coming soon?

Can categories be deleted?

In your video on using the Recent Posts Stack, don’t you reference using Recent Posts Stack multiple times on a home page from different blogs?

A separate blog doesn’t really equate to tags, IMHO. It’s be better just to use a different category.

I am working on Potion Pack updates now. Then likely Thunder Pack updates. Then I can start on Alloy updates. Currently I’m only just road mapping ideas for Alloy on paper.

Yes. Just load a post and delete the text in the category field.

No I don’t believe so. I’m on my phone and headed to bed right now. If you watch it again and feel I do let me know the time stamp in the video and I’ll look at it tomorrow.