Mega Menu - can’t scroll

I‘m redesigning my wife’s website and gave the mega menu a try. Dropdown Zone for a menu that can grow in time.

However, the menu takes up a lot of space so that you‘d have to scroll e.g. on an iPhone 6 in landscape mode, to see all entries.

That doesn’t work however. When I try to scroll down the mega menu to get to the lower entries, I scroll the page background instead. And yes, I set the mega menu to be sticky.

Is that working as intended?


Try the „Ihre Gesundheit“ menu which has 4 entries. More stuff added to the right of „Homöopathie“ will extend below on mobile view which won’t work without the ability to scroll the menu down.

A “sticky” navigation cannot scroll upwards so you can see the rest, because it is “stuck” in place. That is the tradeoff for a sticky navigation.

Now that totally makes sense :man_facepalming: Looks like I need to find another solution for mobile view.