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##Spaniel History

Something slightly different. As mentioned on another forum we have been rescuing Cocker Spaniels (English) for the last 20 years. I have been doing research into their history here via media reports and came up with this site for my own use.

Foundry site using Doobox’s Hunter stack and my home brew pedigree stack. Various css tweaks for the text formatting.

Not very colourful though…


Cockermania!! I really like your website look, it’s so unique. I feel like I am reading a newspaper :smile:


This is absolutely stunning! I love the way you achieved this. I have a project coming up and I might want to use some of the style elements. It is for a friend of mine, who is an artist. Do you mind if I take your site as an inspiration? And which fonts did you use?




Thank you for the comment Jan. The main font is “IM Fell DW Pica” which is available from google fonts. Closest I could find that looked like early (well some at least) news print. The citations are just Tahoma, Arial or default sans-serif (depending on the browser I guess) so nothing special.

Feel free to adopt any of the styling. In the mean time—back to the old newspapers.

All the best



@wirrah This is a well done, and wonderfully unique style. Really fun to look through, and very clever!