Ivy 2 • feature request

Hi Adam,

Any chance you can add “Detailed Padding” to the Label area of Ivy 2? I’ve long used Ivy 2 for most projects that require an accordion, but for some pages where I have lots of them, I still use a different stack for aesthetic reasons. If I could decrease the padding above and below the text, I could ditch the older (non Elixir) stack.

Screenshot below shows Ivy 2 in the middle - it takes up far more vertical space than I would like it to.

Another great option would be to allow us to use any FA4 (or FA5) icon instead of the pre-determined ones.

Thanks for considering!

Hey there @Dave, and welcome to the community!

I’ll add this as something to look at as an update for Ivy. Shouldn’t be too hard. As for the icons – Stacks only support v4 of FontAwesome in the API, so FA 5 is not an option.

I’ll be blatantly honest though… I’m right in the dead middle of a huge Foundry update, so it might be a little while before I can get to this. Or if I have a frustrating day perhaps I can take a break and work on this.