Introducing Potion Pack for Foundry


Potion pack is fantastic! Just bought it and love it. Highly recommend it!


Thanks for the new Potion-Pack update Adam. After doing the update, the information for Mega Menu shows as version 0.1.1. Obviously a typo


Phew! I have the same! It doesn’t seem to have changed the short description in the Library window either, mine say ‘Responsive content wrapper’ for all but the Motion stack?


Three restarts later the descriptions are correct, Mega Menu is the only error.


Tanks a lot ! wonderfull addition


It is odd about the descriptions. I wrote them all, but they seem to no longer be there. I’ll have a look and see if I can’t suss out why they reverted.

EDIT: Just re-wrote all of these descriptions. No need to push out an update just for these though, so they’ll be in the next update with other things I have in the works.


They were there and now have gone again! Weird or what?


Indeed. That being said, it will be adjusted in the next update.


I love it and I don’t even have foundry yet! But when I get the current project finished will get both instantly.