Introducing Potion Pack for Foundry


Hey there everyone! I won’t bore you all with a sales pitch of anything for Potion Pack. Instead I just want to say thank you to all of you! I am seriously amazed at the kindness and camaraderie of the Foundry community. I’m also stunned by the beautiful sites you all build each day with Foundry. I truly hope you all find these new stacks within Potion Pack to be useful tools in your web design tool box.

I started building these stacks last year but had to put them on hold a couple of times due to other projects needing attention among other things.

One time in particular was because I decided to incorporate Typeface into Foundry. It was originally going to be a part of Potion Pack, but after discussion with some really awesome beta testers I decided it needed to go to the main Foundry set of stacks… So knowing I needed Typeface to both for future releases as well as it just seemed like we needed a better way to handle fonts in Foundry, I decided to pause Potion Pack for a while.

But finally I am proud to present you all with these new tools. I truly hope you enjoy them and find them useful!

Potion Pack: how to buy?

These look like a great addition to Foundry!


Christmas has come early! :slight_smile:


Just for the onepage navigation menu I would buy it all over again. And for the Angles. Wait - and for the sections. Gosh - this is a webcreator’s dream come true!


The Potion Pack looks awesome, @elixirgraphics. Have watched some of the videos while at work…really looking forward to getting home to buy and start using these new great tools!


I’m really excited to hear that you all are so pumped about these new stacks! I’m truly looking forward to seeing what you all put together using these new tools! I’m always surprised at the cool things people build using Foundry. :smiley:


I can’t wait to see what @vmcosta is going to built with it :slight_smile:


Great work. I love Foundry and now the new features give me even more ways to build great unique websites. Many Thanks. I love it.


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Yeah, I bought it this morning without really even looking at it first (It is Elixir Foundry, there was never a question). But now that I’ve started looking at all the stacks it came with I’m amazed. What an incredible deal!


Amazing box of surprises. Stylish, useful, versatile. A bargain for its price, and if that were not enough, with a discount. :grinning:


So I am stuck in Kings Landing for a week without a Mac and this gets released. What a collection of surprises with some exceptional web building tools in there. Instant purchase and my nomination for the best value addon pack ever.

This will really help RW users to build better looking sites.


Thanks everyone for your kind words! Glad to hear everyone so enthusiastic about the new stacks!


It is an impressive amount of work to release not only such a large collection of stacks but also to provide such thorough text, video tutorials and demo pages. You could easily have split the Potion pack into 2 or 3 addon packs and charged more IMHO.

Nothing else comes close to being able to create the sites that Foundry and Potion can build. Great job.


Adam: Truly a great add-on collection. I’m really excited to dig into the new capabilities offered by the Potion Pack! Thanks a billion.


Hey @elixirgraphics

I bought this without hesitation and now that I have looked at it, I am having whatever the opposite of Buyer’s Remorse is!

Adam, this is a simply incredible enhancement to Foundry. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the quality of the stacks to the stack documentation and site. RapidWeaver along with Foundry and the Potion Pack now literally provides everything needed to build a complete, professional website (and have fun doing it!)

Congratulations on an incredible concept, flawlessly executed.



Thanks guys! Hope you find them very useful. I’ve got some updates coming in the next couple of days to shore up a couple of bugs, and already have some feature improvements planned, so hopefully things will become even more useful.


Thank you Adam @elixirgraphics, just got the pack, they are great, can not wait to use them. I am addicted to Foundry :slight_smile:


Immediate purchase !! :smiley:


Awesome. Form Pro and Mega Menu are two things I really, really needed!