Inactive Button



Might you consider adding the ability to set a button “inactive” (setting it to ‘greyed out’ without a hover effect)?


Is there a way to do this with the existing configuration options?

Thank You,


Hey there @Andras!

There isn’t a way to do that currently in the Button stack. Can you give me a use case for such a feature?


Setting a button to ‘outline’ mode with a subtle color serves this purpose well, except for the hover suggesting ‘active’ status still.

I was hoping to use buttons to create a horizontal navigation, if you please, for small subsections of a a category. While - from a layout/conceptual standpoint - a button group would be perfect for this, they are even less configurable for the purpose.

Tabs work nicely, but because of the lack of ability to link to specific tabs (subsections) would not work in this case. I also need to have those on separate pages to have searches reflect that they belong onto different pages, which tabs - technically - aren’t.

So, in short, I am making a custom horizontal navigation bar.


I see, where you’re going in trying to build your own faux navigation, but what would you use the inactive state for in this situation?


I would like to set the button for the current page inactive (no hover).


I’ll take note and add it to the feature request list.


Thank You very much.