I need a Custom Form



i need to do a form like this one here, (see the picture below). I testet to do it with Form Loom 3 but the result is not the same,- ) can anybody help me and know a stack or anything that can bring me the right result.

The Important things are the column costumization and the Links and Checkboxes in the area below.


I think if you will use Form Snap stack, and not Form Loom that is a plugin, you will able to reproduce the this form.


I believe FormLoom 3 comes with a stack that does indeed allow you to insert your forms into a Stacks-based page. FormLoom 3 is very popular and can help you create advanced forms.


Yes, FormLoom 3 is a great Thing and the Stack allows you to set a form in every stack area, but the result is not the same as my picture you will see in this Post.
Look at here, this is the best thing that i can do with FormLoom 3


And sorry, but the Check Boxes etc. are not so cool and beauty, the next thing is that you cant set the links direct in the Text, you have to do it by hand after the export,- ) Not comfortable.

I want to test it know with the superForm Stack, an i hope it will brings me the right result, but i think …,- )
Damn, why is a so simple thing so complicated.,- ))

I need only a cool Form where i can do the settings on 50/50 Areas, left and right.
Set nice shiny check boxes with an opportunity to do links in the Text fields and tel the link to open in Pop Ups or a light box effect. Sounds easy, but i cant fix the simple problem.

So if anybody can help me i will so thankfull!


I will say this – Forms are not simple. They may have the appearance of being simple, but they can be quite complex.

The Form stack that comes built in to Foundry is definitely not what you’re in search of though, for sure. I would suggest trying out other form solutions and talk directly with their developers to find a solution that will work for you.