How to set Font Weight per paragraph?

Hi Adam and everyone,

I would like to be able to change the font weight per paragraph as you can in the Header stack…which has a slider to set the Font Weight 100-900.

I know can set the paragraph font weight in the Control Centre but that obviously controls the entire page of all paragraphs. How do I set font weight on individual paragraphs please?

I also realise there is the little + to open up Font sizes…but I want to change the Font weight as well as size.

I quite often end up using a Header stack instead for text, just for design purposes…I realise this is not the best way to achieve design and would like my sites to be better both design and form.

I have often wondered why the Paragraph stack doesn’t have a Font Weight slider…why is that? Seems like an obvious feature for design purposes but is there a reason?

Many thanks for advise and suggestions.

Cheers Scott

The Paragraph stack has to handle two weights – normal and bold. Having a singular setting to control the weight of the entire paragraph would mean your bolded text would be the same as your normal text, which is not acceptable.

The Typeface stack allows you to define a normal and bold font choice for this reason. You’ll notice in the stack’s settings you can choose to set them to whatever weights you want.

CleanShot 2020-09-20 at 20.56.18

This means you can make a typeface and set the normal weight to 100 for instance and the bold to 300. Then assign that typeface to your Paragraph stack. This covers both the normal and bolded text within your paragraph.

Hi Adam,
Thanks for quick response.

I can see what your saying.

I do use the Typeface stack and Bold weigh setting but this is across all paragraph stacks again. I was hopping for more granular control over each paragraph stack for design purposes.

So one paragraph in bold might 700 but another I could set to 900 weight in the same font.

Would having 2 styles in the Typeface stack but with the same font family work? It will add extra to the site but can you have 2 font stacks with the same font name and then set them to Typeface 1 and Typeface 2?

Thanks Scott

Yes, that should work fine. Just give it a try. Doesn’t hurt to experiment, right? :wink:

Ok, will give that a try and let you know.

I have just tested something else but it didn’t work as expected.

In the Control Centre I set the Paragraph Lead weight to 700.

Please see screenshots.

Paragraph in question that I am testing this on is the one with text “With a quarter of a century’s experience…” this is set as Lead paragraph.

In Edit mode it changed it to 700 weight but in both RW Preview and once actually published the font weight remained at 400…the font size increased but not the weight?

Link to draft site and page

So, why would it not change to 700 weight even though Control Centre has Lead paragraphs set to 700 weight.? As mentioned, it does seem to change in edit mode but not in preview or once published.

If you send me that project file to look over I can check it out when I get into the office later. Send me a ZIP file containing the project file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Is there a particular reason by the way you went this direction instead of trying out the previous direction you asked about and that I answered before going to be last night?

Hi Adam,

Thanks, just emailed the zipped project file.

I was trying this method between our messages, so I must have been trying it while you were responding to my question about having dual font family in Typeface stack.
Which I must admit I haven’t tested yet as I’ve been out and only just home now.

Cheers Scott

What page and what paragraph should I be looking at in your project? There’s a lot of pages, and a lot of paragraphs. :wink:

Yeah, sorry mate. I should have done another small test project hey!

Trade Contact Page

Paragraph in question that I am testing this on is the one with text “With a quarter of a century’s experience…” this is set as Lead paragraph.

You’re using Typeface for the paragraph font. The weights for Typeface fonts come from Typeface or Typeface settings in a stack. The weight in the Control Center does not override Typeface. It is the opposite.

Try applying a second Typeface font, with an alternate “normal” weight like we talked about last night. That should do what you want.

If you weren’t using Typeface for the paragraph font then your font weight that you’re applying in the control center would be applied.

Also, tried the other method of having 2 of the same fonts in Typeface with different settings and that seems to work ok.

But I’d still like to know about the other way that I would have thought would work but isn’t.

Cheers Scott

See the above post – I explain it there.

Ok, thanks for clarifying that…the second Typeface same font works so will go with that method.

Thanks again for your quick response.

Cheers Scott

Hi Adam,

The Lead Weight slider…in the Control Centre…I’m a bit confused about what is does and how it works.

Is it to control the weight of the a “Lead” paragraph?

Or will it always reflect the same weight as set in the Base Font Weight slider? If this is the case then why would the Lead Weight have it’s own slider as it doesn’t really do anything?

I must have my interpretation wrong because you wouldn’t have a slider for an item that doesn’t do anything…you’re too smart for that…it’s me that doesn’t understand.

Do you mind explaining to me again… :thinking:

Cheers Scott

Typeface fonts override the font weight that is in the Control Center stack. You’re using Typeface fonts, so the slider for the Lead is getting overridden by Typeface.

Make a new project file (like this one: and setup a Lead Paragraph. Don’t use Typeface at all. Now change the Lead Paragraph slider in the Control Center. You’ll notice the weight change.

Now add Typeface to the page and assign a Typeface font to the Lead paragraph. That slider for the Lead in the Control Center no longer affects the Lead’s weight because Typeface is now in charge of supplying that to your assigned Paragraph.

Here’s a video to show you as well:

Headed to bed. Hope this helps.

Thanks Adam, that is clear. I must admit I have been under the impression that Typeface was required in all Foundry sites…didn’t know you could do Foundry site without it.

I think I’ll use the 2 font family setup for the time being…seems to work ok and hopefully doesn’t add to much weight to the site.

Have a great day.

Cheers Scott

It won’t and any more weight to the page than if you were simply loading all the weights under one font.

As for Typeface being required — sorry if there was something on the site that lead you to feeling it is required. It is absolutely optional. Let me know what made you think it was required so perhaps I can fix it.

I don’t think there was anything particular, I’ve always just used Typeface in all my sites having found it convenient and works great…I just automatically put it in along with Control Centre when creating a new site.

My query started as I’m finding I’m using the headers as design features rather than their purpose. So some pages have full sentences and multiple H1’s - H5’s when really I should be using paragraphs in a bolder weight.

But happy to have worked out this method, hopefully this will assist in SEO for my sites and not confuse Google with all the multiple header tags that might have been being generated.

Cheers Scott