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Holistic Therapy

It’s been a strange day. I was building a website and sort of struggling with ideas…but then an email pop-up from Egomade with a brand new design made in Foundry. I switched to that and a few hours later here is the result. Holistic Therapy Website. I just need to add the SSL certificate but I will wrestle with the tech guys at the hosting company tomorrow for that. Hats of to Egomade!


@Boray: Link to website does not work for me. Are you absolutely sure this is the correct address:


It was working a few minutes ago…we have a problem houston…I will check out what is happening.


I think it is problem at site5 - not the first time. Right on to the tech guys. Thanks for letting me know @mitchellm


its seems to be okay now. Just as I logged in to the live support…they must have known I was coming :slight_smile:


I’d take another look at that front page on mobile. On my iPhone 5s the header is hidden by the menu and some of the other text in the transparent panel is overlapping other parts of the content.



Thanks for pointing that out Rob. I made some changes that hopefully will be okay of iPhone 5s.