Full Entry View and Editor: Wrong "View"


I work now for some weeks with foundry and like it a lot, so I decided some days ago also to change the blog system to alloy. There is now one problem: In the Full entry mode I see on my page not only the full content from the single post on which I press the more button, but the full content from ALL posts:


There is also strange behavior in the editor: also there I see after I made a second post in the edit mode the first and the second post, it doesent no matter which post I choose to edit (I eclosed two pictures for that).

Thank you in advance for your help.

BR, Patrick

Hmmm, that is a new one. @Fish_77 if you can send me the following items I can take a look at it. I’ll need the following things:

  • Your project file
  • Your Alloy posts folder from your server
  • Your Alloy images folder from your server

These should allow me to troubleshoot your situation I hope.

OK of course I can do that - on which E-Mail Adress?

You can send it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Send it all inside of a ZIP file. When you do you will likely want to send it via a service like Dropbox or the like as it will probably be a large file.

Hi Adam,

I send you Mail with files and download-link (Project-File is too big to send) - thank you in advance for your support!

BR, Patrick

So it looks like this is due to the Cyrillic characters used for the blog post titles. Alloy is designed to strip out all non-alphanumeric characters from the title when creating the filename for the blog post. This is to keep from having characters in the filename that would cause the file system to have problems.

So, you guessed it, Alloy is stripping out every single Cyrillic character from the title when making the filename, and in doing so creating a filename that consists of just the date. This means Alloy loads all of these no-filename-files together since they all have the same filename.

I need to strip out those bad characters though to make sure there’s no problem with filenames… but I am looking at transliteration for the filenames as an advanced option. I’ve emailed @Fish_77 a test version of Alloy to try this and see if it will work for him. If it does work for him, and others don’t see a problem with this as an added feature, then I’ll implement this as a feature in a future release.

Hi Adam,

thanks a lot for your real premium-support - with the beta-stack it works now absolutely perfect!

Have a nice day/evening and

Best regards,

… little addition. all blog file-names are now correct, I added a picture that you can see the result from the beta-stack :slight_smile:

Awesome! And I got to learn about transliteration today. :wink:

Let me know if you run into any other problems with this feature. It will be a little while before I release this widely. If anyone else who is using Alloy is working with Cyrillic or another non-latin-based language drop me an email and I’ll get you a test version to try.