Foundry Slider issue - sluggish loading

Hi, I’ve used Slider in Foundry for various websites in the past with no problems.
I’m currently having image loading problems for a simple single page website with images, just 5 x 400px images (all around 44kb to 80kb), all optimised/saved for web in Photoshop.
Even when I preview within RapidWeaver using Safari, the same happens.
The images take about 30-40 seconds to load.
Any suggestions to rectify would be much appreciated!
Thanks, Andrew

Temporary website here:

It’s probably your audio file that is causing a delay. It’s 12MB.


Many thanks habitualshaker, that’s exactly what it is.
I’ve made a smaller mp3 excerpt and done away with the slider, using a single image instead.
Thanks again, Andrew

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