Foundry page text 'grows' on load/refresh



I’m having some issues with my Foundry setup when viewing online - some of the type (headings and navigation for instance) seems to load in large on page refresh and then shrink to the correct size when loading.

Any ideas?



Hard to know. Provide us with a URL.


Thanks - here you go. The setup so far. If you load and reload a page you’ll see the headings and navigation text especially grow and shrink. It has me stumped!


make sure that you have the Full-width Inner Container unchecked. See if that helps.


Hi Steve_J - I’ve used a fixed width container for the whole page of 1000px. Where will I find the setting for the inner container being unchecked?

Apologies, I’m new to RapidWeaver.



Hi there @labanbrown – Sorry for not hitting on this thread until now, I’ve been away from the office for a few days.

When I load your URL I don’t see the text doing as you describe. That being said, if you’d like to provide a ZIP file containing your project file I’d be glad to take a quick look and see if I can’t help. Any information you can provide on a way to successfully repeat the problem you’re seeing would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @elixirgraphics - much appreciated. I have a screen recording I can send you which shows the issue. What email address shall I send to - via WeTransfer? Thanks


A screen recording will help, and I would appreciate it, definitely. You can post a URL here if you like. It always helps to have several eyes on things.

It would be just as helpful, if not more, to also have the ZIP file I mentioned in my previous reply containing your project file. That and any additional information you can provide on a way to successfully repeat the problem you’re seeing would be greatly appreciated.


Hi - I’ll email you a link to the video no problem. What address should I use? I’ll also send the RW file so you can take a look. Thanks, Paul


Here’s a link to a quick screen video. You can see how the navigation grows then shrinks again. I see this happening on first load on the moan headings too although this is worse when viewed on a retina screen I’ve found. Cheers


You can email your project file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com


Hi Adam - I’m sending you the file now by WeTransfer - you should get a notification shortly. Cheers


Opened your project file and took a look. I notice it looks you’re using a Google Font for your navigation bar text. You’re using a font stack I’m not familiar with, and you’ve set up some custom CSS to use it as well, so I’m not going to go through that, but I think what you’re seeing is the Google Font loading. As is sometimes seen with non-standard fonts, or @font-face embeds, you’re seeing the font load once Google’s CDN finishes loading the font. When the font finishes loading it switches from the fallback font to the Google Font.

If this is the case, this isn’t anything Foundry has control over. I’m not seeing it here when I load your page or project file, so the font is loading pretty quick for me, but your milage may vary depending on your internet connection.

If you want you can most likely eliminate it altogether by attempting to use a standard font instead of the Google Font.

Also, be aware that you don’t need to use an outside font stack. Foundry has font management built in with the Typeface stack. There’s some demos on the Tutorials page on how to use it.


@labanbrown Adam has done a great job with the new 1.2.5 update to Foundry. I’d say it’s essential to watch all 3 of his “font videos”: the new Typeface features, using Google Fonts with Typeface, and using Adobe Typekit fonts with Typeface. Besides solving your current problem, Adam’s new Typeface feature makes it incredibly easy to add type “nuance” to your website.


Hi Adam - just back at my desk. Thanks for taking the time to look at the files. I’ve not yet updated Foundry that now includes font handling as I was just about finished on this site and wanted to be sure all was okay before doing so.

I think you’re right in that it’s the Google font loading on my slightly slower broadband. On a faster network it doesn’t show. It’s good to hear that I’ve not done anything wrong in the setup! Thanks


Hi, @labanbrown.

There are a couple errors when your page loads pertaining to Google Fonts. It looks like you are asking to load a weight of each font that is not available. This may be contributing to the issue.

I do see the issue on my high speed connection, so don’t be so quick to blame it just on connection speed. to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (HTTP/2.0 400) to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (HTTP/2.0 403)




Thanks @DLH, I’ll take a look at that. I wasn’t aware I’d set a weight change so will delve in and see what’s what. Much appreciated!