Foundry logo stack


Hi I have a problem with logo stack not clearing the cache, I want to change the log image but it will not display ?


The stack doesn’t doesn’t have control over your cache. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your situation. If you can give some additional details and an example URL that might help. Also show us know what the previous image was and what the new image should be when you give us more details about the problem and well as a link.

I have to step away from the computer for a while, but will check back in on this post when I get back.


Hi when I try to change the image there is no area to do this anymore?


URL and it’s the iWeb logo, I wanted to replace


If you’re referring to the Site Logo stack that comes with Foundry… the logo is configured in the Site Settings in RapidWeaver, under General:


Thank you I couldn’t see the trees for the Forrest !!


No problem. Glad to help. Easy to miss things sometimes.