Foundry header problem


I reinstalled Stacks 3.5.5 after and that seemed to do the trick.
I’ll let you know if I run into it again.
Thank you for the quick reply.


@Ben_Yang @mmcd Just out of curiosity, do you or did you have your addons folder for RapidWeaver located anywhere but the default location at any time?


Probably yes. RapidWeaver is in Setapp, and addons folder is probably not within Setapp. So the addon update within RW won’t work?:grinning: This might be reasonable :grinning:.


I’m not 100% certain this is solution for everyone. This sort of symptom can probably be caused by half a dozen different problems. But, as I told Adam yesterday privately, this fits the data we have very well…

Lost connection with Addons folder

We’ve noticed before – especially after an OS update – that RapidWeaver can lose track of its addons folder. When it does this it defaults back to its original folder – and loads whatever plugins you had there.

In some cases RW may even report that it is using one addons folder – but load addons from a totally different folder!!! (OK, to be fair, this was a bug that should be fixed in a recent update to RapidWeaver – but it’s worth knowing that history).

If you’re ever concerned you might be getting an old version of Stacks – just take a peek up at the top-right corner of the Edit mode. It shows the current version (dimmed almost to the point of invisibility to stay out of the way until you need it). If the version seems out of whack – consider looking into your addons folders.

I wrote a bit about how to do that here:

If you’ve done these things – and the problem still persists – then I think we should talk privately. I’ll collect some more detailed info about your setup, machine, etc. – and we can work from there. :slight_smile:



Thank you guys for bring this up. It just veryfies that when ever there’s a problem check forum :slight_smile:

I recently joined Foundry family and was going trough first chapter of Foundry course when I stumbled on this foundry header / control center problem.

Solution was uptade Foundry to latest version. I had to try it couple of times, boot RW and close and open project before got it trough, but to be fair it might have been because I was tethering internet connection in cafe.

Running now
macOS High Sierra 10.13.2
RW 7.5.5
Stacks 3.5.5
Foundry v1.3.0.0


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Hello there, I am experiencing the same problem: “Foundry Control Center Stack Missing. Add the Control Panel to the page.”
I have
macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
RW 7.5.5
Stacks 3.6.1
Foundry v1.3.3.3


Have you attempted quiting and then restarting RapidWeaver? If not give that a try. If you’ve already done that with the same results then send me a ZIP file containing your project file and I can take a look at it tomorrow when I’m in the office again.