Font size and padding not working correctly on tablet breakpoint

Hi All,

i have created a page with rapidweaver 8, stacks and foundry. i have a banner and in there a margin object which holds a header and a paragraph.

so far so good, i have the following issues:

  • Margins and padding for the tablet breakpoint seem not to work in preview
    if i change the desktop padding, the tablet pading gets changed as well

  • font size for header and paragraph are not working for tablet in preview
    if i change the desktop fontsize the tablet font size gets changed as well

possibly iam doing something wrong there, maybe someone can point me in the right direction

page is located on

screenshot attached


Good day @keptnshab

It would be easier to troubleshoot your problem with your project file in-hand. Send me a ZIP file containing your project file – that is the file you open in RW to edit your site. When you send it you’ll likely need to use Dropbox, WeTransfer or another similar service as project files are not all the small.

Send it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

it seems restarting RW did the trick. Iam very sorry for the confusion.