Flip Stack and Nav Bar Pro

Hi Adam,

I have a problem on a site withe the Flip Stack, which is Scrolling Over the Menu Bar (I am using the Nav Bar Pro):


User: Simona
Password: vertrieb2020

Can you help me? I suppose, I do something wrong by the setting…

Thank you in Advance!


Hi there Patrick – I’m not seeing a Flip stack on the page you linked to unfortunately. Can you do me a quick favor and point me to the specific page with the Flip stack on it? Also, add a quick screenshot here that shows the problem for me as well so I can see what you’re seeing. And one last thing – what browser are you using and what version of that browser? Is it only happening in that specific browser or all browsers?

… sorry, hier is the link:


It happens with every browser: Safari @OS Big Sur (latest Beta), actually version from Chrome @Mac and Windows 10

Increase the z-index in the Navigation Bar Pro stack from 900 to something higher.

CleanShot 2020-09-18 at 11.50.51

Try 1100 and see how that works.

Adam, you are my hero :slight_smile: - now it works absolutely well. Thank you so much!

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Hi Adam,
I’m working on this Site right now for Patrick. The Problem that Patrick mentioned above is solved and works perfectly now.
Howerver there is a new similar Problem occuring on this site. The flip element in the “Geschäftskunden” tab kind of overflows the footer. Once I click on the blue cross to flip the element it works fine and the footer is placed below it. Also when I resize the browser-window the elements rearrange and the problem disappears.
Here is a screenshot to show what I mean:

Can you help us with this problem as well?

Thank you very much in advance.
Kind Regards, Yannis

It looks like you might have the Flip stack inside of a Tabs stack? That probably isn’t going to work if that is the case. You’ve putting a few things together that need to “see” the page during page load to determine the area they have available to them, and when they’re in something like a tab or accordion they can’t do it. If I’m wrong by looking at your screenshot there feel free to send me your project file and I’ll take a look.

Yes exactly, we do have the Flip stack inside of a Tab stack. I will work out a new solution then.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Regards, Yannis

Let me know if that fixes your problem.