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Hi, have just purchased Foundry and my first post The issue I am having I am sure is simple, but I cannot see it I am using the mint theme and I need to know how to change the font colour when I use extra content. Thank you

You must use the Foundry theme with the Foundry set of stacks. Check out the documentation and tutorials. https://foundry.elixirgraphics.com/documentation/

You cannot use any other themes with the Foundry framework.

Let us know if you have any other questions and welcome to the forum.

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Thanks for that Steve. I notice on the foundry mint theme there does not appear to be a font colour change setting for extra content 1 only the rest of the content settings 2 3 etc. what I am trying to do is as follows I have changed the gradient to a banner and then have placed the extra content stack over top and inserted the text, but I do not see how to change the font colour. Thank you for the welcome to the community. Very impressively

Mint and foundry are two different products. You can not mix them. If you want to work with Foundry, get one of the free projects to see how it works - try to recreate those. E.g. there is no extra content for foundry…

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I’m pretty sure she has Elixir Mint theme and not Foundry. I think she’s confusing Elixir and Foundry and not Mint and Foundry. That said, I don’t have that theme, so I can’t help with it’s settings. I’m sure Adam will be along shortly to help.

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Good morning @Missy

It sounds like you’re trying to use the Foundry stacks within the Mint theme, is that correct? If so then @Steve_J and @Fuellemann are exactly correct. You cannot use the Foundry stacks within the the Mint theme, or within any other theme except for the blank Foundry theme that comes with your Foundry purchase, as Foundry is meant to be used for building a page from a blank starting point.

If that is not the case and you are not trying to use the Foundry stacks within the Mint theme, then we will need you to give us all a more detailed description of what you’re doing as well as perhaps provide us with a copy of your project file to have a look at.

@Missy – did that clear things up for you? If so I’ll go ahead and close this thread.

Not sure if this helps in any way whatsoever but I presume that even in a project which uses Foundry as the master theme, a user could add a page which uses the Mint - or any other - theme. The point remains though that Foundry stacks can’t be used in anything other than a page set to use the Foundry theme

Thanks for the assistance on this particular problem. A newbie to system