Duck Soup Modules and Foundry


I assume that Duck Soup modules play well within Foundry-once I have installed the required BWD stacks, correct? I see no limitations. But since I am still a novice, I wanted to make sure before I buy
Many thanks


I have no experience with said stacks, so I can’t offer advice, but I don’t suspect that you’d run into a problem.



Hi Bob,

There are two versions of all the Duck Soup project files, one called Foundation and the other called Universal. The Universal version works perfectly well with Foundry and to date I’ve had no support issues at all from Foundry users.

In most cases it only requires that you swap out the generic Stacks column stacks for Foundry’s columns and, in certain other instances — usually where there are overlaps and/or background images involved — where you need to check the Force Overflow option in BluePrint (see below). This was a tip passed on to me by one happy customer who was using the modules exclusively in Foundry.

If you have concerns, you can always buy a single pack and then if you’re happy with the results, get back in touch and I’ll upgrade you to the full bundle at the discount price.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

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I have the Duck Soup bundle and, as Marten says, the Universal version works great in Foundry. Is a quite stunning bundle and (on top of being able to use the modules in your projects) playing about with the modules and their settings is the best way to learn how to tap into the power of the BWD stacks.



Thanks for the clear guidance. Sounds great and worth the learning curve: these look like some beautiful design modules. I will start with the one pack, and move on to the others if this goes well.
Much appreciated


Great to hear. Feedback from another user is the best. They do appear stunning and look forward to the journey