Downloading a File after registering


Looking for some help.

I would like to make a file available for download but only after the person wanting to download has provided their contact details.

Is there a way to do this Foundry?



The simplest way to do it would be to use a standard Foundry form.

They fill it in and give you their email address.
You then email them a link to a ‘hidden’ page that contains a link to download the file.
Name the page something like so nobody is likely to stumble across it and make sure you un-check ‘Show in navigation’ in General settings.

Of course, this requires manual intervention by you and isn’t the best way to secure a high value file. But if it’s something like a free how-to PDF booklet, then it would work.

There are many more robust ways to secure pages but this would be simple to implement and free.


Thanks so much for that Rob. It’s s simple solution and effective.

Thinking about it - if there was a way for the submit button on the form to link to the page for the download that would pretty much nail what I need. Any idea if there’s a work around to achieve that?


Maybe you could incorporate it into the Success message like this?

Success! Your message has been sent! Please visit <a href=''>this page</a> to get your free download

Could be easy to miss though. I can’t test it here without publishing the form and I don’t have time to do that at the moment I’m afraid.


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Thanks again Rob - it’s a novel work around.

Can’t believe this isn’t something more folk need - it’s a basic marketing too which is why I keep thinking I’m missing here…


There are plenty of paid ways to do this. I was just trying to think of a quick, simple and free way to get it done.



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