Content slides over background image


That nice ‘effect’ when you scroll down a page and a full width image appears and then the the content beneath slides over the top as you continue to scroll down, as seen here for example: Can this effect be achieved with the Foundry stacks set and without coding?


Yes. The Jumbotron stack and the banner stack both allow for the background image to be locked. That will achieve the effect you are looking for. You can also add content to these stacks and it will stay fixed with the background image.


Thanks for your reply. That’s great news! Before I take the plunge into Foundry, do you also happen to know whether non-Foundry stacks, such as Yabdab’s FormSnap will work in Foundry?


Yes, I am using many third-party stacks, some by Yabdab, and they all work as advertised!


Thanks for info. From what I have read and seen, Foundry seems to have breathed new life into Rapidweaver. Can’t wait to start on my long overdue website redesign (


Yes, it is absolutely fun to work with. And the clients are very impressed, as well.


Yes it has. Good observation.